Spa Pedicures

1. REGULAR PEDICURE | 30 min | $25 
Relaxing hydrotherapy foot soak with exquisite cuticle care. Exfoliating and energizing massage that will leave your feet feeling refreshed and looking beautiful. (Served with your favorite soft drink.)


2. PEDICURE CALLUS TREATMENT | 35-40 min | $29
Have your feet been working overtime? This pedicure is designed for those who suffer from dry, chapped feet. Enjoy a moisturizing massage. Your feet will feel nourished and incredibly smooth.


3. DELUXE SEA SALT PEDICURE | 40-45 min | $35
Relaxing hydrotherapy foot soak with cuticle care. Enjoy Exfoilating and energizing massage with sea salt scrub that will leave your feet feeling refreshed and looking beautiful.


4. ALOE VERA SPA | $48
Callus treatment, Aloe Vera scrub followed by fresh Aloe Vera plant applied to your legs along with a mask, hot towels and extra massaging.


This pedicure is a yummy treat for your feet. Settle back in our garden spa as your feet soften in a bath of nourishing fruit. A hot stone massage will help you relax. From the knee down, you'll be wrapped in steamy towels and a rose mint masque. Your heels will also be treated with a paraffin wrap, which will soften and smooth.


Step 1 - Diamond Spa Crystals
A pre-soak step designed to turn water into soft beads that gently massage feet and legs while moisturizing skin. Also retains heat longer than ordinary water baths. Purifying elements of the Arnica flower benefiting skin and muscles.

Step 2 - Ocean Spa Crystals
Naturally relieve stress and relax in a warm silky bath of Ocean Spa Crystals made from all natural ingredients to cleanse skin and prepare hands and feet for spa treatment.

Step 3 - Sugar Spa Scrubs
Organic sugars and oils boost vibrancy of skin helping tone, renew texture, and diminish lines and wrinkles leaving skin exfoliated and feeling smooth.

Step 4 - Purifying Spa Mask
Immerse hands and feet in an organic mask for your skin to detoxify impuries and rejuvinate skin back to its natural luster.

Step 5 - Hot Stone Massage
Organic parrafin wrap and organic lotion hydrates and moisturize, with natural ingredients leaving the skin silky and smooth throughout the day.



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